It is important to build momentum in your life.  Meaning MOVING FORWARD in the RIGHT direction.  Once you get moving, one thing leads to another and so on.  There are keys and skills to building momentum.  We will discuss some of them today.  But first, let’s start by defining momentum.

Momentum – The quantity of motion of a moving body.  The impetus (the force or energy with which a body moves) and force gained by the development of a process or course of events.  The strength or force when something is moving.  In physics, the tendency of a moving object to continue moving.

momentumMomentum is about movement, energy, motion, and development.  Those words are full of life.  One may ask, isn’t everybody’s life moving forward if they are alive?  My answer is no!  Our “physical” life is moving forward, we are all aging whether we want to or not.  However, our “life” does not move forward automatically.  Want proof?  I can take you all on a trip to the neighborhood I grew up in, and show you people who have not moved forward in life AT ALL.  They have not advanced at all.  They are still wearing the same clothes, speaking the same words, going to the same liquor stores, telling the same stories, sitting on the same porch, smoking the same cigarettes, and complaining about the same problems.  They are stagnant.  It’s like looking in a time capsule.

If you are the same person and in the same position in life after 5 years, 10 years, 20 years, sorry but you do NOT have momentum.  You are not moving forward in life, you are only getting older.  Now let me say at this point, that everyone is not going to have momentum, and that’s okay.  Everybody does not want the same thing out of life.  This article is for those who DO WANT to move forward.  I want to improve, elevate, advance, and move forward.  If you want to elevate, advance, and move forward as well, then this article is for you!  Here are some tips to help you move forward:

Tip #1 – The right mindset.  We hear so much about mindset and thoughts.  I have read numerous books on the subject, and I am definitely a believer in the power of the mind.  You have to think the right thoughts.  What are “right” thoughts – positive, productive, can-do, etc.  What I find is that women I work with are aware of what the “right” thoughts are.  But there are 2 issues – 1) they are aware but do not think positively consistently, and 2) they are not aware of what “wrong” thoughts are.  I know some may say “if you know the right thoughts, doesn’t that imply that you also know the wrong thoughts?”  No.  I believe it is because the wrong thoughts are often a product of real life, and it is easy to fall into a negative mindset.  So much that you may not even realize that it’s negative.  Also, it doesn’t have to be extreme, the smallest negative thought could be keeping you stuck.  Examples:

*Being stuck in the past – Have you ever seen a person stuck in the past?  I have.  All they talk about is the past, which is usually negative.  It is all they talk about, because it is all they “think” about.  They may tell the same stories over and over.  Sometimes it is related to some trauma or abuse they experienced.  The traumatic experience is valid, but being stuck in it is not healthy.  Being stuck in the past is going to keep you just that…..”stuck.”

*Toxic – There is nothing like a good old fashioned toxic person!  I have known more older toxic people than young ones.  Maybe it is because it takes a lifetime to build up all of that toxic-tivity LOL that’s not a word, but I made it one!  What’s dangerous about a toxic person is that they not only keep themselves back, but they toxify (that’s a word!) everybody and everything around them.  Stay far away from toxic people.  Don’t try to change them.  Just pray for them and move on.  You cannot move forward having toxic people in your life.

woman posing with attitude

*Hateful – A hateful, mean, and angry mindset also keeps people stuck.  They are mad about life, sometimes for valid reasons, and it keeps them stuck.  They cannot advance and they are mad about anybody else who advances.

*Limits – Your life will only go as far as your mind can take it.  We are limited by our own thoughts, more than we are limited by the world, racism, barriers, age, income, family history, education, etc.  This is the point of ALL the dozens of motivational books I have read.  You can’t move forward, if you are limited in your own mind.

*Drama – This is the most common one I see in my work with women in poverty, combined with the one above.  There is ALWAYS drama at the shelter!  I don’t like her, she doesn’t like me, her son hit mine, she bumped me in the hall, they said I was talking about her but I wasn’t.  It isn’t just people in poverty.  Our society is obsessed with drama, which is why reality TV is so successful.  But just because something is popular in the media, does not mean it is right or healthy.  Don’t be fooled, you cannot move forward with a life full of drama.  Cut the drama, and the people bringing it, and start moving forward.

Warrior Women 6 (1)Tip #2 – Surround yourself with the right people.  Having the right people in your life is very important to building momentum.  Who you surround yourself with most of the time, is what you will be.  This is a common analogy, but I want to highlight something about it that’s more than the usual point.  It is mental momentum.  This is really about energy.  Let me explain.  When you are around people who are on the same mental wave length as you, you feed off of each other.  It’s similar to brainstorming.  Brainstorming is a business tactic where you have key people in a room and they throw out ideas about a particular project or product.  A group of “thinkers” lock themselves in a room, have a board and markers, and they all throw out ideas.  This can go on for hours.  When they are done, they come out of that room with a plan.  Well when you surround yourself with the right people, your life becomes that conference room.  Every conversation is life changing.  You share ideas and thoughts.  It’s like an electric current, because it is energy.  Mental momentum is very powerful.

*Now here is an important thing to remember…..building energy and momentum with other people works for both positive and negative results.  If you surround yourself with the wrong people, it can lead to drug use, sexual exploitation, group bullying, co-dependency, cults, domestic violence, and an overall downward spiral.  So, be careful who you surround yourself with, because it can take you either way, positive or negative.

black woman walkingTip #3 – Get up and get moving!  This one may seem simple, but trust me it’s not.  Some people are literally just lying there, they are the ones who you want to grab, shake, and yell “do something!”  Then some people are always “talking” about what they are going to do.  All talk, but no action.  They can talk a really good game, they know all the right things to say, but they never actually follow through.  Whatever category you may fall in, don’t feel bad about it, just change it and get started moving your butt!

So, there you have it.  Now you know what momentum is – movement, action, and energy.  You have 3 tips on how to build it – 1) Having the right mindset.  We identified some common wrong and/or negative mindsets that are SO COMMON that people do not realize they are negative.  2) Surround yourself with the right people.  We discussed that NOT surrounding yourself with the wrong people is just as important because momentum works both ways – it can move you in the RIGHT or WRONG direction.  3) Get up and moving.  Do not just sit there, and do not be all talk.  Momentum is about moving, and you literally have to do just that…move!  Let’s use momentum to our advantage and move in the RIGHT direction, which is UP!

Love, Tonia

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