L. Walker Good EnoughI Am Good Enough. I struggled with my value & worth because of my “past.”  Having my first child at 14, losing my precious baby, being homeless, being a stripper, being twice divorced, and in all of that being judged.  But God!  “He” turned my life around.  Now I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Management, a Master’s degree in Social Work, a great career, a beautiful sweet daughter, have owned my own home, I’m completely independent, a good family, loving friends, I’m happy, healthy, and whole.  Most of all, I now get to show love and support to other women who the world looks down on, and help them to change their lives.

I finally know that all of those trials had a purpose.  I had to know what it was like not to know where I was going to sleep and eat the next day; to feel desperate; to feel the anguish of loss and a broken heart.  I know what is like to feel the weight of the world on your shoulders and to be depressed.  I also know what it is like to feel judged.  There is nothing like some good ole judgment!  Especially from church people and/or people who seemingly “have done things the right way.”  I was destined to experience all of those things so I could help other women.  My understanding and empathy was developed in the fire.

you are worthyAre you struggling with your self-worth?  Well I am here to encourage you.  You are worthy.  You are good enough.  No matter your experiences, or the mistakes you have made.  You do not have to be “perfect” to be good enough.  I am not encouraging doing wrong.  Wrong is wrong, and I am always careful to say that.  Many of the things I did were not right and I would never do them again.  However, experiencing those things does not make me a bad person.  Just because you have done something wrong or didn’t have a squeaky clean life, does not mean that you are not good enough.

Part of realizing that you are good enough is to start making better choices.  See that’s the difference in judgment and value.  I am not judging you for what may be going on in your life, I am telling you that you deserve better.  You were not made to struggle your entire life, to think you need a man to have value, to be overwhelmed with children that you cannot provide for, to need substances to function, to have bad hygiene, and to be dependent on the system for your entire life.  NO!  You are better than all of those things.  You DESERVE better – but in order to get something different, you have to DO something different.

how-to-stop-thinking-youre-not-good-enoughAll of those accomplishments that I listed above came from hard work.  I have the favor of God, but I also did my part.  I had to use every ounce of determination in me to earn my degrees.  I have a good work ethic and maintained many good jobs.  I surrounded myself with good people.  I raised my daughter a certain way for her to turn out to be such a beautiful person.  I saved money and built my credit to own a home.  Most importantly, I read the Word of God and made that my foundation.  Let’s be clear, I am not perfect and I still have problems, trials, and struggles like everyone else.  But I want my ladies who are in the fire to understand the practical things that need to be done to change the course of their life.  Find your value, and then start making better decisions and choices.  Once you know better, you should DO better.

I am Good Enough, and I pray that every woman who reads this will know that YOU are Good Enough too!

Love, Tonia

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