July is the half way mark of the year, and a good time for a goals check.  What is it that you set out to do this year?  Are you still sticking with it?  One of my goals this year was to make a motivational post every day on Facebook.  I call it 365 Days of Motivation with Tonia.  I am doing this for a few reasons.  First, I am building my brand as a motivational speaker and writer, and these daily posts help me to create a following.  Second, it is a way for me to put something positive into the world every single day.  The world is full of so much negativity, I want to be a part of the force for good.  Third, I plan to take my years’ worth of positive posts next year and make a book.  Daily motivational books are popular and is a good business opportunity for my brand.oprah quote 2

God gave me this idea and I have been sticking with it. Coming up with something positive, motivational, and/or constructive every single day is not easy!  I’m not just posting positive memes that I retrieved from somewhere, these are words and concepts that I develop. I often add personal experience and/or biblical scripture to support my concepts.  I am building my brand while simultaneously working to become a leader in Human Services.  I am no average Social Worker is my motto.  God told me if I am faithful with the few people He has given me now, then He will multiply it.

Pull out your goals for the year.  Re-visit the dreams that God has put into your heart.  You have big dreams!  Are you being faithful with the little audience God has given you now?  Let’s say you want to own your own restaurant.  Right now, you are making dinners in your home and selling them.  Do you make those 10 dinners with excellence?  Do you ensure those 10 people receive a great meal and excellent customer service?  Or, are you only focused on the day when you will have your own successful restaurant?  Well, I am here to tell you if you do not give your all to those 10 customers you have now, you will never get the 1,000 customers you are aiming for.

successful-black-womanI encourage you all today to be faithful with what God has already given you if you want more.  It could be money, raising children, financial success, material gain, building your own business, education, losing weight, starting a ministry, increasing your clientele, or anything you are trying to do in your life.

He that is faithful in that which is least is faithful also in much: and he that is unjust in the least is also unjust in much. ~ Luke 1‍6:10

*Check out the new tab with 365 Days of Motivation with Tonia!

I hope you will enjoy it!

Love, Tonia

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