In honor of International Women’s Day I would like to share a few nuggets of wisdom that I have learned in these 41 years of life:

1-Support other women. You do not have to put other women down to build yourself up. We can all be fabulous!
2-You do not have to be poor, homeless, and/or at the bottom to need help. Women who are in the “middle” need help and support too!
3-Living a life of peace and love is better than a life full of drama and negativity.
4-You do not have to be loud, cursing, and fighting to be strong. This is actually a sign of weakness, ignorance, and low communication skills.
5-Tears do not equal weakness!

6-Stand up for yourself! Be firm, strong, and fierce. Just because you walk in love does not mean you should let people run over you.
7-Men are valuable! You do not have to hate men or put them down to be a strong woman. It is okay to be strong and independent and still love and value a man in your life.
8-Do not live for other people! You will never be able to please everyone, so don’t try.
9-Motherhood is wonderful, but you can do more with your life than be a baby making machine.
10-Go after your dreams with everything that you’ve got!


P.S. I still have areas in my life that I am struggling and/or growing in, please do not ever think that I think that I am perfect! I am walking in my purpose and gift to help other women in life. That does not mean that I have it all together. In the years to come I will have gained more knowledge to share as I continue to grow and overcome life’s challenges. I love you all!

Love, Tonia

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