There are still good people in the world. This may seem like such a simple statement, and you may wonder why I would write a blog post about it.  The reason is because in my everyday life I hear so many people talk about how bad people are, how they cannot trust anyone, everyone is jealous, you can’t depend on anyone but yourself, etc.  Don’t even get started on Social Media.  On my Facebook newsfeed I constantly see posts about how EVERYONE is bad, jealous, a back stabber, and do not trust anyone.  The same people post about how THEY are so real, a good friend, honest, loyal, and a good person.  I always think… out of the 1 Billion people on earth, you are the only good person left LOL that’s silly! 

We can get so bogged down by the traumatic stories in the media, and by negative experiences in our lives that some people start to truly believe that everyone is bad.  Negativity gets more attention than positivity.  I often use the example of 1000 people – 500 are bad, and 500 are good – who will get the most attention? The bad ones! It is true they exist, but what about the 500 good ones? They exist too!

To be fair, many people have had very traumatic experiences and it may cause them to be distrustful.  These experiences are real, and I am not insensitive to that.  In my work as a Social Worker I counsel women who have experienced very devastating and traumatic events, mostly starting in childhood.  Physical, sexual, verbal, and emotional abuse; domestic violence; parental substance abuse; family incarceration; negative and draining network; identity theft; and on and on. 

The women I work with are in poverty, but you do not have to be in poverty to have traumatic experiences and to be distrustful of people.  How many stories of the rich and famous do we hear of who do not have a friend in the world, and feel like everyone close to them is using them for money and/or fame?  People from all walks of life face traumatic experiences and may have good cause of to be distrustful.  However, that is why we need to be reminded, or maybe even hear for the first time, there are still good people in the world.

World View – A particular philosophy of life or conception of the world.

Our world view is typically shaped by our personal experiences in life.  This is normal.  One step forward is realizing that our world view is limited.  Going a step further is to intentionally expand our knowledge of the world.  A few tips to expand your knowledge:

  1. Reading – reading books, articles, and other materials is one of the best ways to increase your knowledge. It is also a good way to take a break from your own reality!
  2. Museums – museums are an excellent way of learning about other races, cultures, religions, and history. As you learn more about other places in the world, you will be amazed at the fascinating stories of heroism, sacrifice, and love.  There are good people all over the world.
  3. Make new friends – exposure is powerful. Discrimination is often based on a lack of knowledge, and a lack of exposure to other people, places, and things.  Expand your circle to include other people, which will in turn expand your experience with “good” people.
  4. Motivational stories – motivational stories are powerful. Usually people who have overcome challenges in life had support from someone, such as a teacher, sports coach, pastor, social worker, or neighbor.  It will give you some inspiring examples of “good” people. 
  5. Find a mentor – a mentor can change your life. If there is someone that you see who seems to be a good person, reach out to them and ask them to mentor you.  A mentor can expand your world view by exposing you to new events, social circles, education, and professions that you were not aware of.  My mentor is the C.E.O. of the agency that I work at.  She is a glowing example of a top leader who is kind, smart, giving, understanding, hardworking, and an overall good person.  This is in opposition to the view that many people have of C.E.O.’s who are mean, out of touch, cold hearted, or obtained their position through privilege.  Honestly, I have encountered leaders who were not good leaders, nor a good person.  So, I was intentional about identifying one who was the kind of leader that I aspired to be.  

I have had negative experiences with people just like everyone else.  If I had to put a number on it, I would say about 60% positive, and 40% negative.  I have had a variety of negative experiences with people who were judgmental, condescending, rude, mean, spiteful, even evil to me.  What if I only focused on that 40%?  What about the 60%, don’t they matter too?  As I have gotten older and created the positive life that I chose, notice I said chose, I have many more positive experiences with people than negative.

What you focus on, you will attract.  Focus on the good people in the world, and you will draw more of them.  Unfortunately, it works the opposite way as well.  Focus on the bad, and you will draw those people and experiences into your life.

Finally, do some self-checking.  If you continuously and overwhelmingly draw negative people and experiences in your life….the problem might be you!  It could be your behavior, who you surround yourself with, your mindset, or even your energy.  You could be giving off an overall negative energy that draws negativity to you.

There are good people in the world!  I promise you, you are not the only good person left LOL Pray and ask God to send some good people in your life.  Then be open to receive it!

I recently developed a women’s group named The Ladies League of Detroit.  It is a group of women who are all positive, loving, supportive, and ambitious.  Contact me if you are interested in joining.  I wanted a network of good people, so I created one!

Love, Tonia

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