This week I had another fabulous meeting with my group The Ladies League of Detroit. We discussed “The Path to Finding Purpose.” The path is full of twists and turns. There are positive and challenging experiences along the way. There are celebrations and disappointments. There is no age limit, and no deadline. As long as you have breath in your body, you can reach your purpose.

We discovered that some of us:
1. Have reached our purpose AND are walking in it.
2. Have reached it, but are not yet walking in it.
3. Have not yet reached it.
And guess what….it’s all good, no matter what stage you are in.  The key is to keep moving forward and pursuing your destiny.

Here are some questions to help you think about your purpose:

  1. Do you know your purpose?
  2. Is your purpose connected to your job/career? Or could it be?
  3. If you know your purpose, are you currently living/walking in it?
  4. If you are not yet walking in it, what are some steps you can take to get there?
  5. If you do not know your purpose, what are some of your interest, talents, gifts, hobbies, and passions?

I find that some people think “purpose” has to be some huge astronomical dream.  We look at celebrities and public figures as the definition of successful.  However, I believe that purpose and success is individual and it looks different for us all.  Your purpose could be to provide hair/nail/beauty services that help make people groomed and beautiful.

You could a great cook and serve meals made with love.  A doctor that cares for our health and gives us a better quality of life.  A police officer that protects the community.  A detective that solves cases and brings justice and healing to families.  A Pastor that teaches the Word of God, and provides care for the members.  A secretary who runs the office efficiently, and takes care of the entire staff.

A CEO who runs a company that provides goods and/or services to customers, and employment to staff.  A journalist to writes articles and stories that inform the masses of matters that are important.  A cartoonist or comedian that provides laughter and joy to the world.

My point is that you do not have to be a “Big Star” or the President of the United States to have purpose and give of yourself to the world.  What is your purpose?  It may or may not be connected to your job.  It could be more of a characteristic, such as a person who spreads love and joy to other people.  Several of the ladies in my group said their purpose is to be a servant to others; some do this in their jobs, some do it in general in the way they live their lives.


My purpose is to motivate and inspire women.  I am also a leader and a teacher.  I lead by profession, but also in life.  That is why I had to experience so many obstacles, so that I could be an example and then guide other women in their journeys.  At first I thought I was only meant to help women in poverty, now I realize I am meant to help women at all levels, all over the world, the ones that God has set for me to touch.

The Ladies League of Detroit supports each other and believes in each other.  That is a part of what makes my group so special.  What about you?  In addition to discovering and then walking in your own purpose, are you willing to help others with theirs?  When you think about it….isn’t that what it’s all about!  I love you all and I encourage you to stay on YOUR PATH TO PURPOSE!

Love, Tonia

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